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Is the Writing on the Wall for You?

-written by Betsie Richards

Around this time last year, I was faced with a huge decision. It was a decision I prayed over very intently, honestly more than I’ve ever prayed over a decision before. I can’t even count all the ways God graciously showed me the answer. Signs, if you chose to think of them that way, sermons, bible study lessons, and random unsolicited messages from family and friends all confirmed what my decision should be. At one point, I’m pretty sure I said outloud, “Ok Jesus, I get it. I see what you’re trying to tell me.” I felt like I could clearly see what I needed to do as if it had been written out for me personally.

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We’ve all probably heard the phrase “the writing’s on the wall.” Sometimes in regards to failing businesses, failing managers for sports teams, and, sadly, sometimes even failed relationships or marriages. Unfortunately, most times the phrase carries negative implications. Daniel 5 seems to be no exception.

King Belshazzar has a moment where he physically sees the writing on the wall and it’s too late for the King (see Daniel 5: 25-27). He had been living what he thought was his best life: successes, victories over enemies, life in a secured and safe place. He had enough wealth, power and arrogance to throw a huge party in the midst of a siege attempt. The enemy was camped outside the wall and yet the King was throwing a party!

It’s easy to sit on this side and judge King Belshazzar. Easy to call him out for not being aware of the way he was living, for selfish living, for the way he didn’t pay attention to what had happened to his predecessor, King Neb, and learn from it. But in reality, how many of us are content to keep living in the palace while the enemy is camped outside? How many of us are buying finger foods and party hats instead of going to our knees before the throne of God? I know I have many times.

How do we change this? Through life change. Through understanding we were created by Him and for His glory. We change by embracing the fact this isn’t our kingdom! I think we also have to learn to be aware that the enemy is always lurking around, camping outside. (see 1 Peter 5:8). We make every effort to be on guard and put on the full armor of God.

I pray we make every effort and encourage each other in the fight. Remind me and I’ll remind you isn’t our kingdom. We serve a mighty God! I’d rather someone remind me before the writing is on the wall.

Betsie has been attending SoHills for nearly 20 years. You may have seen her serving on stage with the band, but she also serves behind the scenes with the Women’s Committee. She loves spending time with her family and friends, watching her niece play softball, her nephew play basketball, and any moment possible at the beach.

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