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Dive In! The Water Is Great!

This past summer, I went to this place called Foster Falls, which is an eighty-foot water fall pouring into a swimming hole. When we arrived, there were a couple of guys at the top of the water fall ready to jump into the pool below. The first couple of guys jumped without hesitation, but there was this one guy who wouldn’t budge. You could tell he was scared! The guys who jumped were hyping up the guy. They were shouting encouragements, affirmations of the water’s depth, telling him it wouldn’t hurt, you name it. After a few minutes the guy at the top took the plunge, and when he resurfaced, he screamed with excitement. All the guys cheered hysterically!

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I believe this is what the church is supposed to look like. A lot of people aren’t too sure about this whole Jesus thing. They have seen people jump off the cliff through baptism, serving, or giving, but still they don’t trust the water. Is it true? Is there really freedom and forgiveness? Is it possible for someone like me? If I step out in faith, will Christ catch me?

We, Church, are the ones who have jumped and know the depth of God’s love. We know the Gospel and have experienced Jesus. It’s now our job to cheer on those at the top. We encourage them when we share all Jesus has done in our lives, in our marriages, jobs, and families. We are shouting from the water below in hopes others will take the plunge.

Paul’s words in Ephesians 3:14-21 sum up this process. Here’s my paraphrase of what Paul says:

“Dude, you have to jump and know Jesus! He, is comfort, courage, strength, counsel, and everything and anything we could ever need. Through His Spirit, we gain the power of the the resurrection. Thank you, Jesus, for what you have done to make this true!”

“Dude, you aren’t ever going to hit the bottom. You can try, but you will never be able to fully comprehend how much Jesus loves us because Jesus loves us that much. But man, you will understand the love of Christ is what you need. Love is what you need to take the jump, to inherit the strength and confidence to replicate the discipleship process. You will truly experience the fullness of Jesus!”

“Imagine what Jesus can do through you, the kingdom work, the fruit that can come from Christ in you if you just took the jump! Thank you, Jesus!!”

Church, imagine what Jesus can do through all of us if we took the jump in baptism, giving, serving, leading, or whatever. Through us all, Christ can do infinite kingdom work. We just have to trust and jump into what he is calling us to jump in.

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