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Where is God in the Mess?

Do you ever feel like everything around you is falling apart?
Like everywhere you turn there is a mess?


I live with 4 kids so this is pretty much my everyday life. Not only are my house and van a physical mess, but one scroll through my social media newsfeed or a few minutes of the evening news confirm the world around me is in a mess too… a moral and ethical mess very similar to the one the prophet Micah dealt with.

Micah was responding to a social and cultural climate that had chosen to place its affections on objects that provided wealth, versus having true affection for the Lord. This created a devastating decline of social justice and morality–the people of God were living in a manner out of alignment with their status as the covenant people of God. – Nicki Koziarz, Prone to Wander

Wow, sounds familiar doesn’t it? Whenever I read or hear a particular current event, I’m tempted to think “Where is God in this mess?” But as I read and studied Micah 7 it struck me that at no point in the chapter does Micah ask this question. In fact, in verse 7 Micah states, “As for me, I look to the LORD for help. I wait confidently for God to save me, and my God will certainly hear me.”

I love how confidently Micah speaks those words. He is not questioning the presence of God in the mess; he is proclaiming the power of God over the mess.

When we become overwhelmed with situations around us and feel ourselves experiencing the same misery Micah faced, we can remember to look to God, wait for Him, and trust He hears us. Shannon explained how we can practically live out those statements by doing the following:

  1. Take your eyes off yourself.
  2. Get serious about the idols in your life.
  3. Keep your focus on the hope you have.
  4. Remember what God has done and trust He’ll do it again.

Micah knew without a doubt that God had a plan for His people and the gospel reassures us that God still has a plan for His people. The question is, how will we respond to the inevitable messes? Will we act in such a way that glorifies ourselves and be motivated by personal gain and material wealth or will we reflect the words of Micah and the heart of God by responding as a people who love mercy, walk humbly, and do justly?

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My husband Joe and I have four children, Jack, Sam, Hailey, and Eli Henry. We enjoy spending time together as a family. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of West Georgia. I serve as the Preschool Pastor at Southern Hills. I love working with preschool kids and the awesome volunteers that make our ministry possible.

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  1. Melissa, you wrote so much truth. I pray I will always remember that God will bring me through each trial, as He has always done. Also that I will allow him teach me truth about what He is pushing me thru. I always want to be able to learn and not be blinded by some idol that I’ve allowed to creep in.

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