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What Are You Trying to Hide From God?

My dog’s name is Roam. Roam is almost a year old Australian Shepherd. Australian Shepherds are actually one of the smartest breeds of dogs, making Roam too smart for his own good.

One of Roam’s favorite things to do is to sneak socks and hide them under our coffee table. We usually catch him pretty early because we can hear him chewing on something other than his toy. When we look underneath the coffee table, we see Roam with a sock right next to his head and him on his back. He knows he is in trouble. He rolls on his back because he doesn’t want to face the punishment of his disobedience.

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Roam knows what he is doing is disobedient, he knows he is in trouble, but still he continues to sneak off with socks and chew them. He then has to face his punishment as we send him to “his room.”

I think a lot of times as people, we act the same way with sin. We talk a lot about the grace God gives, the love Jesus shows us, and the forgiveness of the cross. God is a just God as well, and we can forget His wrath. There are consequences for our sins, Church.

In Micah 1:1-5, Micah is speaking of a vision of God coming from His throne to show His people there are consequences to their sins. The consequences of Israel, His chosen people, is this: “So I, the Lord, will make the city of Samaria a heap of ruins” (Micah 1:6). The consequences of our actions is destruction.

The interesting thing about the destruction of Samaria is Samaria is the capital city of Israel. Shannon pointed out the destruction of Israel started at the heart.

Likewise, our destruction starts at the heart. I believe this prophecy is a beautiful, yet powerful image. We know right and wrong, but if our hearts are not surrendered to this truth and we continue to live in disobedience, we will walk right into destruction.

What is the thing you continue to pursue, even though you know you are disobeying the Word of God? What are you trying to sneak around with? What is your sock?

Our God is sovereign and intentional, which means He is in complete control and completely aware of our lives. God already knows; we can’t sneak anything by Him. He is God. Don’t think you can fool Him; you won’t get away with anything. With our heart surrendered, we won’t be led into destruction, but into the arms of the Father. Drop the sock.


  1. Jean Daniel says

    This is a good one, Tucker. We all have our socks but try to drop them before someone sees us with them. God, however, saw them all the time. Thanks.

  2. Thank you. This is so good. I’ve never studied Micah that much until Shannon took us through Chapter 1 on Thursday. It has a lot of nuggets to consider.

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