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Are You Allowing Christmas to be Personal?

In the life group Bailey and I are in, there is a couple who just had a baby. Over the past nine months we have experienced the excitement of their announcing they were pregnant, the gender reveal (in true mermaid fashion if you know Kyndel), the baby growing, baby showers, and finally the arrival of Miss Noël! Leading up to her birth, we talked a lot about her, how life would be different for their family and what we as a life group would do to support the new parents.

Then, Noël was born.

Everything we talked about was now in the hands of her parents. Noël was now real, not just an idea, but a person we could hold, touch, and embrace.

I believe the same holds true when we experience Jesus. At some point in our lives, we  heard about Jesus, whether it was in church, small group, a casual conversation, a court room, a movie… We talked about this Jesus, but we didn’t really experience Him until we entered into a personal relationship with Him.

From the fall of man onward, we have been in need for a Savior. Throughout the Old Testament you can see God’s promise and the people’s need. Then four-hundred years later after God’s last words, an angel appears to welcome the birth of the Messiah to His earthly parents, Mary and Joseph. This Savior people had been talking about for thousands of years had finally come! John puts it this way John 1:14:

So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.

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Salvation was here, Jesus was real!

I think we can contextualize this too much and keep it as a narrative, compared to making it personal. Jesus is real to me! Jesus is present for me! Jesus brings salvation to me!

When my wife and I were exchanging our vows almost a year ago, it made this truth so real to me. This is what Jesus did. Jesus made His love real to us by giving up His divinity, giving up His rights, to love us. Jesus became flesh to show us His love.

How has the personal truth of Jesus’ grace and salvation been made real to you?

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Spreading the love of Jesus to the craziest group of people, Jr. High students, is my passion and adds fuel to my own flame for Christ. I'm always hungry, so I am down for some free food!

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