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Stewardship Is More Than Money. It’s Everything.

Stewardship. What does this word make you think of? For me, my mind always goes right to church and managing money. Yes, we do say it in church and yes, we do steward money, but there is more to it. Stewardship is simply the conducting, supervising, or managing of something. While managing or stewarding money is a big part of our lives, there’s a lot more to manage than just money.

My boys, Liam and Levi, are now 5 and 4 years old. They constantly keep Kelli and I on our toes. Sometimes managing the two of them seems impossible. But we seem to manage. (See what I did there?)

We signed them up for fall baseball back at the end of summer, moving Levi up an age bracket as wanted them on the same team so we were together as a family on game days. The Rec Department needed more coaches so I volunteered to help. I was excited. This marked my 3rd time coaching, but my first time head coaching, both my boys on the same team. I’m writing this on the day of our last game and I feel some relief. Coaching 11 four to six year olds can be testing at times, but I’ve learned so much about stewardship.

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1) We can’t coach/steward alone. Thankfully, I’ve had some great help with this team. My wife has been an incredible dugout mom, making sure the kids are following the lineup, cheering for their teammates, and not smacking each other with bats. That’s all happening while myself and my two assistant coaches are out in the field teaching the other kids the game and making sure they know we’re still playing baseball and not building dirt castles. I could not do it alone. Stewardship isn’t meant to be done alone.

2) Coach/Steward and plan, but be flexible. Every week I put together the batting order and defensive positioning. I always printed 4 copies of the plan and made sure each coach had one. But just about every week, I had to alter the plan. Whether it was a kid showing up late, getting sick, or not showing at all, my plan had to change. When the plan changed, each coach was able to adjust appropriately. However, without a plan at all, it would have been chaos. Whether it be money, kids, employees, time, or any other resource we are responsible for stewarding it’s important to have a plan to adjust from.

3) Coach/Steward like it is yours, but remember it’s not. A few years ago, one of my best friends let me borrow his dad’s guitar for a couple months. I cherished that guitar because I grew up listening to his dad play it. His dad passed while we were young, but several years later he asked me to play the guitar at his wedding. While it was in my possession I played the mess out of it, like it was a treasure of mine. But I knew I’d have to return it and you better believe I did my best to return it back to him in better condition than when he loaned it.

How much more important and special are these kids who were under my care while coaching? My goal was to coach and teach every kid as if they were my own and return them back to their parents with a stronger character than they began the season with.

What is God currently teaching you about stewardship? How is He doing it?

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I am a southern boy that loves to spend my time with my beautiful wife, Kelli, and my two boys, Liam and Levi. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and playing guitar, designing things, Braves baseball, being a husband and dad, but above all I love to worship Jesus… especially with music. I am a Creative Arts Pastor at Southern Hills Christian Church where I focus on graphic design and music.

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