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How Can You Trust When Trust Seems Impossible?

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. – 1 Corinthians 13:7

As a dad, I have to teach my kids how to trust others, how to assume the best and believe all things. But to be entirely transparent, there are times I question how much I should trust someone else, especially someone I have just met and don’t really know.

This was the reality that I had to grapple with when my first born arrived in this world. To say she was born early and a little unexpected would be an understatement. Ten weeks prior to my wife’s due date, we found ourselves in the hospital, with a doctor we had just met looking us in the eyes and saying, “So, we are going to be delivering your little one today.” Those were not the words I had hoped to hear.

As they wheeled my wife off to prepare for surgery, I watched her till she was out of sight and could not wait to get back to her side. I had to trust the doctor, who I barely knew, would take care of the woman I loved.

After our child was delivered, they wheeled her away to take care of her, and all I could do was watch. I had to trust the professionals who I didn’t know would give her the best care possible. There was a pain in the pit of my stomach I had never experienced before. I was keenly aware of my utter lack of control, trusting complete strangers with the things on earth most precious to me.

This experience makes me wonder what Ananias must have been feeling in Acts 9. When God appeared to him in vs. 11, Ananias must have experienced this same feeling of lack of control. Ananias had to have been nervous; God had called him to visit a man who’s reputation preceded him. It was already known to the Christians in Damascus that Saul imprisoned the followers of “The Way.”

But God… He had a plan.

And His plan was perfect.

His plan had this notorious persecutor, who desired to destroy Christ’s followers, becoming their greatest leader. It had this man, who’s life was changed on the road to Damascus, living most of the rest of his life on the road, preaching the Gospel to anyone who would listen.

Ananias trusted God. He trusted God’s Plan. He was obedient. Ananias knew God wanted what was best, not only for Saul, but for himself and for the rest of the world. Ananias was faithful, just like we have to be.

God teaches us to trust Him, even in the moments of our life where it seems like we don’t know what to trust. He is strong, and He is in control!

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Matt Clotfelter is married to Amie and they have 2 children, Tyler and Marcus. Matt serves as a deacon as well as volunteers in the SoHills preteen ministry and 1st impressions ministry.

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