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Are You Focused on What Really Matters?

There aren’t many things that stress me out.

I mean, I sit right next to Keith for eight hours almost everyday and even that doesn’t matter all that much to me.

It doesn’t matter what I have for dinner as long as a I have food. It doesn’t matter when I workout as long as I do get to workout. It doesn’t matter how loud Keith is as long as I get my message done, I’m good

The specific logistics don’t matter as long as I get done what I am supposed get done. I believe Jesus had that same mentality.

Jesus’ ministry was about sharing the Gospel with people who desperately needed Him. Looking at John 4 and the conversations Jesus had with the woman at the well and then with His disciples, we can see to Jesus religion, rules, tradition, and prejudices really don’t matter. The message He was preaching was counter cultural. It was new, it was against tradition, it offended people, but what He was preaching and living out was still the Gospel.

Jesus knew our traditions and culture do not matter; the only thing that does matter is people know who He is.

So what if the Jews and the Samaritans had racism and prejudice against one another? Both still needed Jesus. So what I’m white and you’re black? We both need Jesus. So what you’re a man and she’s a woman? You both need Jesus. So what you voted republican and he didn’t vote at all. We all need Jesus.

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The only thing that matters is the Gospel. When the woman tried to explain she was a Samaritan woman and He was a Jew, Jesus said something like, “It doesn’t matter. You need to understand what God has in store for you. You have came to this well to find your fill, but if you drink of the water I offer, you will never be thirty. Everything that has happened to you, to your people, all the tradition, the racism, the attitudes, the prejudices, all of this does no matter. What does matter is I am the Messiah, and you need me. This is why I am here at this well, meeting you at noon, because you need me. Yeah, you have been finding your identity in men, but now I will be your identity” (my paraphrase).

All that matters is the Gospel, the fact that Jesus is the Messiah and in Him we have life. Church, let’s get over ourselves, our mindsets, attitudes, and prejudices, and meet people where they are with the Gospel.

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