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Do You Know Who Jesus Says You Are?

-written by Betsie Richards

My favorite name is “BetBet.” If you know me, you know that’s what my niece and nephew call me and I love it. I’ve heard it yelled across ponds, parking lots, dining rooms, ball fields (sooooo many ball fields), and even a classroom or two. When I hear it, I don’t have to guess who someone is looking for.


“BetBet” isn’t all I’m known as. Some people know me as “Betsie, who sings at Southern Hills,” others as “Betsie, from Carrollton Ear Nose and Throat,” and dear to my heart are those who still know me as “Betsie, Beedie’s grandaughter.” Those are a lot of good ways to be identified.

There have been times, however, when I’ve been identified in a much more negative manner.

I can sometimes be identified as “Betsie, the bitter woman” or “Betsie, the unkind.” As much as it hurts to admit, there have been times I could be identified as “Betsie, the liar.”

I think Peter would understand that last one. Luke 22:54-62 tells us of the time Peter denied, or lied about, knowing Jesus and being one of His followers. The moment Peter denied knowing Jesus for the third time, “the Lord turned and looked at Peter” (v61).

Have you ever felt the Lord turn and look at you at just the wrong moment? You know, the exact moment you would be identified as anything but His follower?

The enemy would have the story stop right there to trap us in shame and an unwanted identity. The enemy would have us believe we’ve blown it with Jesus; that once we’ve been discovered to have an unfavorable identity that we can never be accepted or used by God. Thankfully our story goes on because it is written by a God of forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

You see, it’s not much later when Jesus says to Peter, the liar, “Follow me” (John 21:19). He didn’t say to Peter, “Leave me” or “Get away from me.” Jesus said, “Follow me, even though you don’t feel worthy, even though you may have doubts, even though you’re going to be tempted to return to your old way of life and identity.”

Jesus offers us the same opportunity! Once we believe in His love for us and take the hand that He’s extending to us, He changes our identity.

Betsie, the Follower.
Betsie, the Child of God.
Betsie, the Redeemed.

This Sunday, as we gather to wrap up our series we’ll be singing again together. I can’t wait to praise God along with you.

Betsie has been attending SoHills for nearly 20 years. You may have seen her serving on stage with the band, but she also serves behind the scenes with the Women’s Committee. She has worked at Carrollton ENT for over 20 years. She loves spending time with her family and friends, watching her niece play softball, her nephew play basketball, and any moment possible at the beach.


  1. Mary Ellen says

    Thanks, Betsie. We all need to be reminded of that message.

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