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Are You on the Edge of Your Seat?

I was talking to the staff recently about moving into City Station the day before Grand Opening and assured them I wasn’t worried. (Yep, you read that correctly… in case you missed the memo, we most likely won’t be able to move into City Station until June 22!) I honestly can’t stop grinning about it, even as I’m typing this.

I love a good story! Don’t we all? There is nothing like a plot full of twists and turns. Ted Dekker is one of my favorite fiction authors for that very reason; you never know what plot twist is coming next. Once I pick up one of his books, I can’t put it down. He just has this incredible way of drawing you in until the very end.

It’s the same reason we all love Disney. “Once upon a time” draws us in all the way to “happily ever after,” but it’s what takes place in between that we can’t wait to talk about. It’s the twists and turns of the plot that keep us on the edge of our seats. It’s the getting to “happily ever after” that makes the story worth telling!

That’s why I can’t stop grinning! We know how the story ends. We know “happily ever after” awaits because of the story of Jesus Christ and His grace and mercy. But the fun part is the chapter we are getting to be a part of at Southern Hills in this little corner of the world in this specific place in time.

God is in the middle of orchestrating plot twists as we speak… from last minute COs to surrendered lives to Christ week after week.

What a story God is writing for us at Southern Hills, a story of love, of family, of Christ… a story of good news, the Gospel! I’m so thankful that I get to play a small part in this chapter along with an incredible cast of characters, my family at Southern Hills.

The next few days, weeks, and months ahead are going to be full of plot twists for us, as the author of our story graciously reminds us of who is writing this book. Let him draw you into His story! Be prepared for twists and turns as we move forward as His church, but we must never forget that HE is the author of our story… HE is in control of the plot…. God is sovereign!

We know how the story ends, but what role does God have for you in His plot here and now? Don’t miss it!

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I am the Lead Pastor at Southern Hills Christian Church. I strive everyday to kill the old me and live by the Spirit. I enjoy spending time with my family...especially my amazing wife Natasha.

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  1. Debbie Collins says

    Nathan & I are so excited about these twits & turns! Well said Shannon….We all have to be humble vessels of God!!

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