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Is Your Love Stopping Short From Your Calling?

-written by Cambrian Brock

This past Sunday Keith talked about passions. We learned how Godly passions lead to a life of actions which ultimately glorify the Lord, while worldly passions lead to a life of sin and separation from God. However, knowing how our passions align with the Gospel is not enough; we need to live with the implications of that knowledge. To look deeper into this, let’s look at one of Southern Hills’ core values: Love does.

Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. – 1 John 3:18

I am in love with this verse! It reminds me the best way to love people is not just to say it but to live it. Godly passion promotes action, action, action, and more action.

Why do we stop at merely saying we love people, instead of following through with actions? I believe it is because Biblical love costs us stuff. Sometimes money, sometimes time, maybe even being in tough, emotionally draining situations.

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At times, when I talk about loving someone, I really only mean to the extent I am not negatively affected by it. I’ll gladly encourage you, until I begin to tire. I’ll love you to your sin, but not through it. I forget the grace freely given to me ought to drive me to love. The passions of our flesh have been put to death so the new life-giving passions of the Spirit can bring a love of God and a love for people into actual action.

Biblical love does not care what is offered in return, it freely gives, even at the expense of ourselves. The Gospel says it’s ok to come out of a transaction without a net gain nor to break dead even (gasp). It’s ok for us as Christians to come out “behind.” I even believe this is the first step in allowing the passion of Godly love to begin to produce beautiful fruit, fruit that advances the Gospel.

So because of this what should we do? Really, it comes down to simply humbling ourselves and admitting our kingdom is not all that great. This at first might seem daunting but really it is freeing! How amazing is it to live a life surrendered to the One who truly gave it all! Further, it is important to remind ourselves that ultimately we have a much larger debt Jesus has forgiven. All other debts in comparison are not that large, and if we remember this, we can freely love the way Christ loved us.

So let us as a church be intentional as we move into City Station. With God going before us and behind us, we built this community center to truly love our community. In a few days we will receive such a beautiful opportunity to live out Scripture, by not merely saying we love others, but by showing the truth by our actions!

Cambrian Brock is serving as the Summer Intern. He previously served as a leader in the 78 ministry and plans to move up with his small group to the high school ministry after the internship. Cambrian enjoys cooking, playing piano, and camping. 

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