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Do You Have a Faith That Works?

What does it mean when we say, “Love does?” Or when we say, “Faith without works is dead?”

Doesn’t God give us our salvation as a gift?

Yes, He does!

But we aren’t supposed to keep it to ourselves.

One of the most frustrating things to hear in our house is when playing suddenly becomes tears and someone yells, “I’m sorry!” The door flies with open one child trying to muster uo the best tears he can while the other is continuously yelling in his ear, “I said I’m sorry!” The whole while you are preparing to hear all the arguments and decree your judgement.

I don’t know if it’s ever happened in your house but inevitably when the consequences are given the offender incredulously looks at you and repeats again, “but I said I’m sorry.”

The problem most kids don’t understand is saying the words is only the first step. The next step is showing you are sorry.

Let’s put it another way.

When Melissa or I are disciplining our kids usually they will tell us, “I love you.” And, lets be honest, it’s cute the first one or two times they do it. But when they say it and I respond with, “I don’t believe you.”… you should see the shocked faces!

I have absolutely no doubt my kids love me; I’m just trying to get the point across that their actions aren’t showing the love they profess.

Their actions reveal their selfishness and sinful nature. It’s my job to teach them when they are young so when they grow up, they know words are meaningless until they put actions behind them.

How much more important is it then for us to work because of our faith? If I have told Jesus, “I love you,” how am I showing this to Him? How am I demonstrating what I say?

So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless. – James 2:17

This whole “Christian” thing starts with faith. But that’s just the beginning! Faith produces fruit and unless your faith is producing good works, it’s dead and useless.

That’s a real gut check for all of us. Examine your life. Are we working out our faith? Are we showing people love does? And are we working for the right reasons?

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My wife Melissa and I have four children Jack, Sam, Hailey, and Eli. I serve my church as a deacon, 912 leader, and in Allstars. I love great food, hanging out with my kids, going on dates with my wife and wrestling polar bears.

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