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I’m Your Community, Like It Or Not

Ever since the message on Sunday where Shannon talked about us belonging to each other, I can’t get the Pat Benetar song “We Belong” out of my head.  I may be dating myself here, but the lyrics from my youth keep bouncing around up there: 

We belong to the light
We belong to the thunder
We belong to the sounds of the words
We’ve both fallen under

Image me singing this out loud at the top of my lungs in my… ehem… “singing” voice.

Whatever we deny or embrace
For worse or for better
We belong, we belong
We belong together

I’m not sure where Pat was going with the belonging to the light and thunder part.  Honestly, I think songwriters just make stuff up because it sounds good.  But she was on to something with the end of her chorus. We can deny it or we can embrace it, but either way, we belong together. In the context of her song, she is talking about herself and someone she loves. In the context of Biblical Community, she hit the nail on the head. 

One of our core values at Southern Hills is “We are Family.” It comes for Romans 12:4-5, which was our text for the sermon this past Sunday.  It reads, “Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.”

We belong together. 

We don’t belong in isolation. 

God created us to be in community. 

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God is community. 

God exists as three persons in one Godhead. Literally community. Out of that community He created us, humans. We were made in His image to reflect that image of community. We were made to need each other, to depend on each other, to let others do their roles in life while we do our roles. We were made to let others do their roles in our life while we do our roles in their lives.

Just as your physical body is only capable of existing and working properly when it’s parts work together to complete the whole, this is how God designed it for us, the Body of Christ to work. 

At Southern Hills, part of how we do this is through Life Groups. If you are in a Life Group, I hope you understand what I’m talking about. I hope you understand how being with other Christ-followers, studying Scripture, caring for each other, encouraging each other, holding each other accountable makes you and them better.  I hope you have experienced how it helps you live life the way God intended it to be lived, depending on others, loving others, loving God through living the way He intended. 

If you aren’t in a Life Group, then you need to ask yourself, “Why?”  Maybe it’s because you’ve never taken the time to get involved.  Or maybe there is a deeper reason that you need to admit, like “I don’t feel like I need it” or “I don’t trust people enough to belong.”

The fact of the matter is, as Pat said, whatever we deny or embrace” it really doesn’t matter.  You can think you don’t need community or not.  It doesn’t change the fact you do. God made that clear.

I hope those words “we belong, we belong, we belong together” get stuck in your head, just like they have been in mine, until you truly understand how much we belong to each other and how much we need each other.  And then, go out and do something about it.  I think a great place to start is here:

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Heath is serving as the Executive Pastor of Adult Discipleship at SoHills. He is the husband of Karen and father of Reese (5) and Vivian (3). He is a lover of God, the outdoors, sports, and good food. Heath is passionate about helping people learn about themselves and discover how God loves them.

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