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The Truth Will Set You Free

My family’s favorite holiday is Christmas. We enjoy the giving and receiving of gifts, but for us, it is much more than that. We love the experience: the music, movies, food, cooking, hot chocolate… Out of all these things, music has the greatest impact. We even have an unwritten rule about Christmas music: between January 1 and July 1, no one is to play more than a few Christmas songs in a row. After July 1, it is fair game. By Halloween, more often than not, Christmas music is in full swing.

My boys have developed their own taste in Christmas music. One of their favorite songs is “Christmas with a capital C” by Go Fish with comedian Brad Stein. Stein talks about how we have watered down the Christmas season to avoid offending people.

Listening to this song each year makes me think about the way we as people try to weaken truth. We try to make truth a concept that can be taken piecemeal. Take the phrase absolute truth. Isn’t it a redundant statement? All truth is absolute. And a “half-truth isn’t the truth at all.

We serve a Savior who promises, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). He doesn’t say, “I am the main way, but you can get there a few other ways too.”

Truth is a miraculous thing. It is like rope. It can hang us out to dry, but it can also hold us up, allowing us to see so much more, as though we are hanging from the side of a mountain.

In John 4, we find the story of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus talks to the woman and proves Himself by telling her about the men in her life (vs 17-18). The exposure of her past, like laundry hung on a clothesline, places her stains out there for all the world to see. She could have played the role of the shocked schoolgirl and run away from the Truth and into hiding. Instead, she asks for more (vs 20). She sees the value in the Truth. She sees how it can open up perspectives that she has never seen before. The view from up there will shed a different light on her world, where she will bring the rest of her village to meet Jesus and many will believe (vs 28-42).

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. – John 8:32

Are you going to let the truth set you free? Will you allow God to change your perspective on truth, so that you can see the valley below the mountainside?

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Matt Clotfelter is married to Amie and they have 2 children, Tyler and Marcus. Matt serves as a deacon as well as volunteers in the SoHills preteen ministry and 1st impressions ministry.

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