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You Can Change Your Heart With Your Posture

A few years ago, my husband read several books on the subject of body language and still has this incredible ability to read people just by observing them. He can tell what you think about an idea just by how you stand during a conversation.

Our Lead Pastor will tell you it’s easier to speak to a group of people who are smiling, shaking their heads in agreement, and returning eye contact.  When everyone has glazed over eyes and crossed arms, you quickly pick up on the “you’re boring” message.

I prefer to sleep on my right side, facing the edge of the bed. A few years ago I noticed because of our sleeping arrangements, every night I would physically put my back to Corey and some nights I was doing the same in my heart.  Now, I intentionally fall asleep facing my husband because I know my body language communicates just as much as my words. 

In his book Love Does, Bob Goff writes, “Something about the hard wiring that God gave each of us links the position of our bodies and position of our hearts.”

How is the position of your body reflecting the position of your heart?

Twice in my life, once when a friend was in a terrible accident and again when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, as I cried out to God for healing I physically couldn’t get low enough to the ground.  I humbled myself in heart and body, bowing before my Maker.

When I know I’m being stubborn or unteachable, I’ll lift my arms in surrender so that my heart will follow suit.

Corey recently started praying (yes, I peek) with his hands open and palms facing up.

How our bodies are positioned and how we think are connected. 

So, when you pray, is your leg shaking in anticipation of the steak you’re about to feast on or are you at ease, eyes closed, focused with palms up in surrender?  When we sing on Sunday mornings, what is the position of your body? Do you hold tightly to the back of the chair as you watch those around you?  Or is your head bowed and arms slightly extended in reverence?  Do you stand with arms crossed, closed off and defensive? Or do you lift your arms and smile as you sing lyrics about His glory?

Paul writes, “In every place of worship, I want men to pray with holy hands lifted up to God, free from anger and controversy.” (1 Timothy 2:8)

As we look forward to gathering again as a church family, consider your posture before God.  Be intentional in how you approach the throne in both heart and body.  Listen to the songs we’ll be singing July 23 to prepare you for what God has in store for us!



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I am a 34-year-old hipster who enjoys visiting coffee shops with my husband. I am a Creative Arts Pastor at SoHills and am passionate about environments where opportunities are provided to encounter Christ. Anything done excellently captures my attention. And I know my dog is the cutest you've ever seen.


  1. This is remarkably true. How you position your body may also help you “fake it til you make it” with your heart. I appreciate your sweet devotion to your husband. And, my beautiful dear daughter, you brought me to tears. Love you so much, mom.

  2. sooo….i wonder how corey has read me uh-oh, I’ll be standing with my best parent pose from now on, petting ayden’s head and pinching his cheek when I pick him up JK! this was very thoughtful, a lot of good examples. I think maybe I have too “many” postures and I fidget a lot so I’m working on being still lately haha.

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