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Are You Living With The Power of The Resurrection?

Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive? – Luke 24:5

The angels at the tomb spoke these words to Mary Magdalene as she was going to prepare Jesus’ body.  In a moment with a single sentence, her world was fully transformed. The resurrection is the very foundation of our faith and source of our salvation. Without it, Jesus was just a man.  But, when Jesus was brought from death to life by the resurrection power of God within him, the world changed in an instant.

Too often, we who have experienced the transformative power of God in our lives forget that this resurrection power dwells within us on a daily basis.  This resurrection power breaks chains of addiction, hopelessness, depression, anger and every attack of the enemy that seeks to place us back in the very bondage from which we have been delivered.   Just as this power restored Jesus from death to life it restores our life from one of defeat to victory.  When we sing, “I’m no longer a slave to fear…” we are singing about this power of resurrection and restoration.

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This power also separates us from the rest of the world. If we daily walk in this transformative power we react differently to trials, temptations, and circumstances than those who haven’t experienced this power. When the enemy attempts to attack me I answer with “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”  I will not fall prey to attacks by the enemy because the same power of God that raised Christ dwells in me.

By your spirit, I will rise from the ashes of defeat…
the resurrected king is resurrecting me!

This Sunday, July 16, we will celebrate this resurrection power that dwells in each believer by singing:

Listen to these songs this week to remind yourself daily of the power living inside you!


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