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Are You Stepping Out In Faith?

Something that I love to do is exercise. Working out for me is a time to relax, as contradictory as that sounds. Lifting weights, running, anything along those lines is a mindless activity for me. It’s time I get to hang out with the guys and my fiancé.  It’s a way to better myself.

When I get in a workout routine, my body quickly adapts and my progress becomes stagnant, but I like the predictable. I have a friend who works hard to “confuse” his muscles to get the most out of every exercise. Wrapped up in KT tape, Ace Bandages, and blood blisters, when this guy shows me a new workout, the entire I’m thinking there is no way I am doing this. I like my comfort of my routine.

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We have that same mentality with God. We develop a bubble of comfort we hesitate to step out of.

When we look at the servants at the wedding at Cana, we see the faith of servants as they stepped out in obedience (see John 2:1-12). We know Jesus has been invited to this party and the wine has run out. Running out of wine at a wedding feast was considered disrespectful. Wanting to help the groom save face, Mary tells Jesus to do something and then tells the servants to do whatever Jesus says.

If I were the servants, I would have had two thoughts:

  1. Who does this woman think she is?
  2. Why do I have to listen to this guy?

Luckily, I was not one of the servants.

Jesus told the servants to fill a few basins with water, dip some out, and take it to the master of ceremonies.

If I were the servants, I would have had two thoughts:

  • Who does this guy think he is?
  • There’s no way I’m going to take the master of ceremonies a cup of water when he wants wine.

Luckily, I was not one of the servants.

The servants obeyed and miraculously, Jesus turned the water to wine. The master of ceremonies brought the groom over to thank him for saving the best wine until the end of the party.

Jesus does this same thing every day in our lives. Christ calls us to crucify ourselves, lay ourselves down, and follow Him, but He promises to do it with us because He knows it takes a step of faith.  Living out our faith requires us to move outside of our comfort zone  inorder to bring Jesus glory.

When the servants saw where the wine had come from, they believed.

We need to break out of our routine to experience the fullness of Jesus. When we see where God wants to take us, our selfish comfort doesn’t matter. The only thing that has value are the steps we take in faith to obey and look more like Christ.

Here are the songs we’ll be singing Sunday, June 25.  This week, reflect on these songs as we prepare to learn more truth from what Jesus did at the wedding feast.



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Spreading the love of Jesus to the craziest group of people, Jr. High students, is my passion and adds fuel to my own flame for Christ. I'm always hungry, so I am down for some free food!

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