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This Week For Sunday

In Jonah 4, we see that Jonah did not want God to have compassion for the city of Nineveh. In Jonah’s eyes, Nineveh was completely evil and undeserving of God’s mercy and forgiveness. I have always found it odd that Jonah felt this way. However, if I’m honest, I sometimes feel the same way. When I think of the evil some people have done, I don’t think they deserve of God’s mercy and forgiveness. I don’t want God to show them compassion. Yet He does. He extends His mercy and grace to everyone.

Showing compassion to others is not always easy. However, if there is anyone that teaches and encompasses compassion well it is a mother. A mother’s heart is full of compassion, not only for her kids but for others as well. If a mother sees her child or any other child get hurt, she will immediately go to them. Even if it is completely the child’s fault that they got hurt, a mother will always be there for her child and show them compassion. This is exactly how God wants us to treat those around us.

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This Sunday, we will be singing a new song called Build My Life. One of my favorite lines in the song is:

Show me who You are
and fill me with Your heart
and lead me in Your love
to those around me.

When we show God’s love to those around us, I believe it is then that we will start seeing Heaven come to this earth.

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