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This Week For Sunday: Limiting God

I’m not a man, I cannot lie,
I know the plans, for your life,
So, I’m asking you to dream again, believe again…
And take the limits off of me…
No, I’m not a man, I cannot lie,
Know the plans I have for you, they’re my design,
So, I’m asking you to hope again and trust again,
And take the limits off of me…

I love this beautiful and compelling song by Israel Houghton.  It is written and sung from God’s perspective imploring us to “Release him in our lives to accomplish what he has promised.”  It is a sobering thought that we can actually limit God’s plan in our lives by our attitude.  If we give way to fear, doubt, complacency or apathy in our lives, we “bind” the Lord’s ability to work in us and for us.  It is basically impossible to reach our potential when we allow our lives to be governed by any of these emotions.

The Lord constantly reminds us that as daunting as life can be sometimes, He holds our present and future in the palm of His hand… if we allow Him to!

A recurring theme throughout the scriptures is one of “allowing” God to accomplish the work He desires.  God will never force anything on us and that includes His desires for each of us to reach and expand our potential.

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Do you have dreams that need dusting off?  Have you resigned yourself to living with the acceptable rather than striving for the exceptional?  Are settling in a life of sin instead of surrendering it the One who created you?  Ask yourself, “Why?”  Maybe you don’t trust God or believe He doesn’t want the best for you.  Maybe you think you need to do it all yourself and want to keep control.  Maybe you fear what will happen if you stop limiting God and “release” Him to fulfill His promises.

This Sunday, May 7, we are talking about the potential that lies within each of us.  As we prepare for the message this Sunday, reflect on how you may be “limiting” God’s ability to work in your life. How are you preventing God from moving?  This can be a time of favor, a season of healing, or a great adventure and you can see the Lord increase and bless… if you are willing to take the limits off of Him.

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