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This Week For Sunday

About a month ago I was made aware of an opportunity that I had been waiting for since Shona and I relocated here 2 ½ years ago.  We came here because Shona was recruited by Southwire for a position that was very exciting and one she absolutely loves!  I left a position that I loved and miss very much.  God was faithful and supplied a job here for me, but my eyes and ears were open for an opportunity to resume the career I had left and was passionate about.  And…here it was!!!!

It was perfect; the desired qualifications were a spot-on match for my experience.  In fact, it read like they had written it based on my resume.  I just knew this was what God had for me and I couldn’t wait!  Except one small detail: it didn’t happen.  A “perfect” resume, glowing letters of recommendation, and the kind efforts of local VIPs on my behalf, and I didn’t even get an interview.  “What’s up with that, God?”

I have been referred to by friends as “nauseatingly optimistic and upbeat.” But I felt down about this.  Then, God began to open my eyes and my heart.  I was reminded of the blessings that I enjoy daily, the ones I take for granted.  I noticed social media posts where a family was asking for prayer for a nine-year-old going through chemotherapy for leukemia.  There was another where a father was inquiring if anyone had any job openings available because he had been laid off and was worried about providing for his family.  I thought, “I have a healthy and amazing four-year-old son and I have a job that provides for us.” And, I felt terrible for questioning God and taking all of this for granted.  God has a way of bringing us back around if we listen to His still, small voice. My “What’s up with that, God?” turned into “God, please forgive me for my attitude.”

I decided that I wasn’t going to give into the negative “poor me” thoughts a second longer.  Rather, I was going to spend time in prayer for that child and that man.  Their needs were so much greater than mine and my heart was very heavy for them.

I could feel the Lord speaking to me…”How much to you really trust me?  Is it only when things are going well or when the plan I have for you lines up with what you think it should be? Trust me… trust my timing… trust that I have your best interests at heart.”

This week we will join in worshipping the Lord with these songs:

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I am a former professional entertainer who loves Southern Hills CC and is honored to serve in music ministry. I'm a proud native-Texan, a habitual gum-chewer and proud husband to the world's greatest wife and father to the world's coolest toddler. Oh...and I don't do khaki!


  1. Debbie says

    Wow, Gene…thanks for sharing with us! I needed that insight today!

    • Gene Yaws says

      Glad that spoke to you Debbie. I need these reminders all to often. See you Sunday! Blessings!

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