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Just One Part of the Body of Christ, the Church

Sunday I had the honor of baptizing my two sons, Ethan and Eli. I spoke briefly during the baptism about how proud Kari and I were to be able to baptize our children into the church. I spoke of how I was aware that we as parents didn’t get to this point with our children completely by ourselves. We relied on the church family both at Southern Hills Christian Church and the greater church to help guide, teach,  and lead our boys to a personal relationship with Christ.

The boys have had the fortune of growing up in the church, spending many summers at Woodland Christian Camp, going on several mission trips to Nicaragua, and spending years at Southern Hills in our All Stars, 456, and Fusion programs. All along the way, they have had caring adults pouring into them.  Ethan has experienced immeasurable growth during his time with his current small group. His leader Mike Jacquinot has connected with him in ways I never could, even as his father.

I didn’t know when I was baptizing the boys and sharing all this, minutes later I would hear a sermon from Heath Neal so effectively teaching on Ephesians 4:1-16.

These verses talk about the church, comparing the church family to the human body.  Like the physical body, we are many parts of the same church body, each fulfilling its own purpose. I was moved when sitting through the service contemplating about the special day we were having as a family, for both my spouse and kids and the church.  I reflected on how as good as I may be at some things,  I’m not good at all things.  And God has put people, programs, and places in our path to pour into my wife and my boys and even myself in ways that I never could.

I’m glad that God doesn’t expect everything from me. Everything doesn’t fall on my shoulders, we carry it together. I’m glad that God has put us in a church family that loves and cares for us and provides us with opportunities to love and care for other members the way others have done so for my family throughout the years. I am glad that God uses every part of the body.

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My wife and I have two kids and are currently serving as foster parents. I enjoy spending time outdoors by the water and taking my family camping. I am the Executive Pastor of Operations and Missions at Southern Hills Christian Church. The Super Crew volunteers make my job easier and I couldn't do it without them!


  1. Beautiful words Kevin. We are blessed to have your family in our lives, you help make us whole.

  2. Jean Daniel says

    How blessed your boys are to have you and Kari as parents and a church that has helped them grow in their spiritual life. Words spoken from your heart!

  3. Wanita Walker-Donaldson says

    Wonderfully said. Wow!! The boys have grown so much. Thankful for your and Keri’s service, big hearts, and friendship. Miss you guys. Happy March

  4. Heidi McGuire says

    Well said, Kevin! We are family and belong to one another! We’re so thankful for the Jarretts!

  5. Linda Lovelady says

    A very special day in your family’s life. Kevin and Kerri, you are very special people effecting the life of Southern Hills. Thank you for your example, both as believers of the word and wonderful parents.

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