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This Week For Sunday

Presently in the office, we are gearing up for the Voscars. (Speaking of, have you RSVPed with your ministry lead?)  For those who aren’t familiar, the Voscars is our annual volunteer appreciation banquet where we recognize some of our volunteers for their outstanding service.  One of our traditions is writing parody songs about volunteering using the melodies of songs we sing on Sunday.

Andrew Brooks has sung about exploding diapers, cleaning toilets, and stinky farts set to songs like “10,000 Reasons” and “Our God.”


Re-writing these “sacred” songs got me thinking… What makes a song “worship” isn’t the melody, the story behind the song, the artist, or the fact that we sing them in a church building. The words of the song aren’t even what make it worship; it’s all about the heart.

When we sing about surrender but have no intention of releasing control, we aren’t worshipping but loudly proclaiming a lie.  If we sing mechanically with eyes glazed over, we aren’t worshipping God but wasting our time and words.  If you don’t consider what you’re actually saying and allow it to pierce your heart, then it isn’t worship.

Worshipping God through song requires thought.  It’s a time of intentional reflection and response.  It’s an opportunity to humble ourselves and acknowledge what Christ has done for us.

Consider the posture of your heart on Sunday mornings during the music.  Are you simply waiting for the band to conclude so we can “get on with service?”  Or are you using it as a time of worship?   It will be what you make it.

Here are the songs we will be singing this upcoming Sunday.  Before we get together corporately, I’d encourage you to reflect on the truths in these lyrics we will be singing:

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