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This Week For Sunday

-written by Matthew Hicks

As a kid, I had this strange obsession with RVs. I was fascinated by aesthetics and how much fit into such a small space. In January of 2011, I was watching a show called “Extreme RVs” and saw something that didn’t look quite like an RV. It was on wheels like an RV, but looked like a very small house.  I knew instantly that I wanted one! 

As I began telling everyone about how I was going to build a tiny house, I received nothing but laughter and disbelief.  Today everyone knows what a tiny house is as they are all over social media and there are at least 4 different shows about them. But when I was introduced to the tiny house, no one had ever heard of it and it seemed like a strange idea. But that didn’t stop my dream of building one.

Fast forward 4 years to my junior year of high school, and I purchased a custom built trailer that would be the base of my very own tiny house.  Today, my tiny house is about 80% complete. I have had essential help from several family friends, but I have been a part of every step of building it. I know how it is assembled and every little detail about the house, including all of its flaws. However, all of the flaws don’t matter to me, because I see my house as my creation, and I built it to my standards.


We are starting a new series this week going through the book of Ephesians. As I read, Ephesians 2:10 really resonated with me:

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

God knows every intricate detail of our lives, because He created us in His image! Knowing all of our failures and weaknesses, He still uses us for His glory!

This week, think about how God has created you and how you will accomplish the good things he has planned for you! 

Matthew Hicks is currently serving as the Creative Arts Intern at SoHills.  He enjoys playing the drums, working on his tiny house, and creating videos with his drone in his spare time.  He also enjoys a good pun.

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  1. Debbie Collins says

    Awesome post, Matthew!! Enjoyed the words God provided for you!!!

  2. Jean Daniel says

    I , too, am fascinated by tiny houses and love watching the shows about them. However, I could never see myself living in one. Yours is great and I know you will enjoy it as your home one day. You did a fantastic job building it. I love your comparison to God’s building us. I glad he knows my flaws and my strengths as he walks with me through life. Thanks for the interesting blog.

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