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This Week For Sunday

Schedules get crazy during the holidays.  Due to vacation, commitments, and general holiday chaos, I had to miss six out of seven weeks at Southern Hills.  I was surprised at how much this time away from my SoHill family affected me.  I felt this general malaise in my spirit that I really couldn’t put my finger on.  I didn’t go on a crime spree and I didn’t kick my dog, but there was this heaviness that I could feel and a difference that was quite tangible. 


Sometimes “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone” is very true!  And time away from God’s body showed me how vitally important it is to my spiritual walk.  

We receive spiritual covering and correction by listening to God’s message for us.  It challenges us and motivates us.  Sometimes it holds our feet to the fire, but it is through the fire that we are shaped and molded.


Spending time with our fellow believers provides us with the connection we need to take the next step the Lord has for us.  No one can go it alone.  Our brothers and sisters in Christ provide the encouragement and prayers we all need.  As a mentor of mine once said, “Sometimes you need a pat on the back, sometimes you need a kick in the tail. I will be there to provide both.”

When we set aside time to join together corporately, as a united body to worship the Lord, all of the periphery fades and we are strengthened and made new.  It is in these times we are reminded of God’s love for us and grace He provides for us.  Our corporate gathers heighten our communion with God both in the moments we spend together and later in our own personal time with Him. 

 I am excited to join with each of you in worship this Sunday.  Together we will sing: 

See you Sunday!

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I am a former professional entertainer who loves Southern Hills CC and is honored to serve in music ministry. I'm a proud native-Texan, a habitual gum-chewer and proud husband to the world's greatest wife and father to the world's coolest toddler. Oh...and I don't do khaki!

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