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This Week For Sunday

 A couple weeks ago, my wife Shona and I took our three year old, Aidan, to Disney World.  It was so much fun to see his enthusiasm, excitement and passion for Mickey and all his friends, especially at the Character Meet and Greets.  As we stood in line, getting closer, the excitement on his face built and then he would joyously run into the arms of his favorite characters.

As parents, we live for moments like these ourselves, moments when our child will melt into our arms and embrace us with their entire little being. 

In Mark and Luke, Jesus says we should receive the kingdom of God as little children.  I also believe this is the way God wants us to worship Him; to just throw ourselves wholly into Him and embrace His holiness, goodness and limitless love for us. 


When a child embraces her parent like this, she feels sheltered, protected and unconditionally loved.  This is exactly what we feel when we engage in worship like this as well.  We can feel our fears melt away.  We lose preoccupation with peripheral things.  Any of our shortcomings are lost as we indulge in the “embrace.”

In this season of love and wonder, when many of us view the world through the eyes of a child, let’s strive to worship through the eyes of a child as well.  Let’s throw ourselves recklessly into God’s arms while we worship.  It is there we will find our true shelter, perfect love, unending grace and pure joy! 

Here are the songs we will sing together as a church family on Sunday: 

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I am a former professional entertainer who loves Southern Hills CC and is honored to serve in music ministry. I'm a proud native-Texan, a habitual gum-chewer and proud husband to the world's greatest wife and father to the world's coolest toddler. Oh...and I don't do khaki!


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