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This Week For Sunday

I’ve always found it interesting that in the English language the word good is only one letter different than the word God . This has served as a helpful reminder to me that God is the definition of good. His grace, love, mercy, and faithfulness are unending. He will never let us down. He is such a good God and a good Father.

The goodness of God can be found in every aspect of our lives. One aspect in particular is during the darkness and storms of our lives. As Tim Hughes writes:

When faith is shaken, when fears surround, my feet will stand on solid ground. In every season, my song will be, oh God, be here with me. In every breath, every joy and tear, every passing hour, let me know You’re near. In life, in death, for eternity, oh God, be here with me.

In spite of our lack of faith or our unbelief that God is with us, He is always faithful. He is always there, even when we can’t see or feel His presence. He never leaves or forsakes us. This kind of goodness and faithfulness is so hard to comprehend, but is why He is the definition of good.


May God be the mountain where we run, the shadow where we hide, the anchor in the waves, and may His praises always be on our lips.

Here’s the set list for this upcoming Thanksgiving Offering Sunday:

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