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Is Your Faith Authentic in a Season of Masks?

-written by Kyndel Pirkle

For the past couple of weeks at school, we have been dressing up. From cowboys to crazy Hawaiian shirts; my personal favorite was pajama day. Halloween will be no different. I love dressing up and seeing all the different creative costumes and the face make-up that creeps me out, but can’t take my eyes away from it. Kids and adults alike will take this holiday as an opportunity to dress up as that one thing they resonate with.

Halloween is fun because we get to look like someone else for the night. We get to wear clothes that would normally have people staring holes through us and make-up that distorts our faces. We put on masks that hide who we really are.


This is often what we do when we put on our happy “I’m blessed” Christian face, even though we are the same sinful human on the inside. Our human nature is obsessed with covering up flaws and correcting bad behavior, but as we have read and heard, Christ is in the business of genuine heart change. 

Christ does not call us to live a life of cover up and stolen identity. Instead of “dressing ourselves up” to look nice for others, we are called to be genuine. 

Confession and repentance is a critical part of having an authentic faith.  1 John 1:9 says, “But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.” The only way to be freed from our unrighteousness is for us to confess our sins. Confession is scary, because we have to take off our mask and allow others to see what’s underneath. Our hope shouldn’t be that they still accept us, rather our hope is in the fact that God is faithful.

We should also have Christ-centered relationships where we are genuine and authentic. For you, that might look like joining a life group or leading the members of your life group into the next level of vulnerability. Maybe for you it’s asking someone you serve alongside to meet you over coffee and to further develop that friendship. Often times we see these gatherings as obligations, but we have the opportunity to experience openness and genuine heart change with people who are also walking out their faith.

In society, we look a lot better with a nice button-up on or a fancy dress with make-up to cover our blemishes, but to Christ we look our best when our hearts are exposed before Him. When we are on our knees in a surrendered position to Christ, we are telling Him that we trust His will and we are ready to experience His grace. I encourage you to be more open with not only the people God has placed in our lives, but with God himself. He is ready to tear down your walls and ready to receive your broken life.

-Kyndel Pirkle serves in the Fusion ministry and is a first year teacher at Mt. Zion Elementary. She is married to Jesse and they enjoy spending time with friends, visiting new places, and above all pointing each other to Christ.

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  1. Debbie Collins says

    awesome message, Kyndle! We all need to take off our masks & let God grow in us!

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