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Elvanto: Making the Switch to a Better Tool

After much conversation and evaluation, we have decided to switch to a different church management solution that will allow us to minister to individuals better as SoHills continues to grow.

While The City served us well during a time when we needed to build community, it is no longer effective in helping us make disciples.  After months of research, talking with other church leaders, and trying other tools ourselves, we’ve chosen a system we believe will serve us well for years to come.

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Our new church database and management tool is called Elvanto.  There are two specific aspects of Elvanto we are really excited about and are already implementing.

Previously, every staff member and lay leader kept information about the people they serve separately.  Some had spread sheets, some used white boards, some kept up with it in their mobile devices.  There was no sharing of relevant information from one ministry to another.  With Elvanto, information is in one location, available to the proper leaders and delivered in a timely fashion.

As we continue to grow, keeping up with information about individuals and properly following up with them can be difficult.  We find this is where a lot of larger churches fall short, treating the masses and not ministering to individual needs.  Elvanto will equip us and hold us accountable to minister to individuals, no matter the size of our congregation.  Elvanto will also equip us to follow-up with individuals and families who check-out Southern Hills, whether that be on a Sunday morning or at an outreach event.

Other aspects of Elvanto we look forward to using include:

  • No more double booking volunteers who serve in multiple areas.
  • Ability to keep attendance of life groups, adult electives and other adult groups like Women’s Bible studies in order to have a better understanding of what groups are thriving and what our people are interested in.
  • Easily generate reports to provide better statistics and better serve our people.
  • Coming soon – one place to register for all events, electives, and activities

Without an Elvanto account, you can view the bulletin board on the home page.  Here we will post SoHills news, prayer requests, condolences, and other needs within our church family.  You can also view the calendar and register for events.  You can access Elvanto at

Along with Elvanto, we have also developed our own app! You can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play.  On the app you can access Elvanto, watch sermons and our videos, read the blog, and give.  You can even favorite items to refer to again later.

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Over the next few weeks, we will make the switch from The City.

  • Starting immediately, we will no longer create new posts on The City, but will move the “bulletin board” aspect of The City to Elvanto. Individuals do not need an Elvanto account to view the bulletin board or the calendar.
  • Starting immediately, people can give one time gifts and set-up reoccurring gifts on our new giving platform on the app.
  • After Aug 28, volunteers will be scheduled through Elvanto, giving volunteers a week to set-up their account and update their profiles
  • Sept 25 we will begin to use Elvanto for check-in, giving people ample time to update their information in the new database.
  • Starting Oct 1 we will no longer accept online donations through The City. This date was chosen because of a change in The City that we have no control over.  However, this gives users more than 2 months to move their recurring gifts to our new giving platform on the app.

What if I currently give on the City? For security purposes, we can not move current reoccurring gifts to the new giving platform. Before Oct 1, users need to cancel their auto-drafts on The City and can easily set-up their new reoccurring gifts on the app.

What if I check-in my children on Sundays or Wednesdays? You’re going to love the new check-in system! No more confusing home screens or secret numbers.  Simply type in your last name, pick which children you want to check-in, and print your tags. To speed-up the process of checking in your kids when we switch to Elvanto on Sept 25, update your family’s information by clicking here.

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