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Our Family on Mission in Nicaragua and at Home

Why do people who go on short-term mission trips love them so much?

Is it the exotic destination?  Is it the time away from their own life?  Is it time spent in a different, fascinating culture? Some would think so and they would be right to some extent. These are really enjoyable aspects of traveling.

After going on and leading numerous trips over the past several years I believe the reason most people enjoy mission trips (and keep going back) is because they put their faith into action and see it work. On mission trips, we live out our Christianity in a way that resembles how Christian community in the first century church was modeled.

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We spend every moment of a week living in community, doing projects together, praying together, eating together, sharing our resources, encouraging one another, sharing the word of God with non-believers, and doing extreme acts of generosity for people we don’t know.

I’ve never had a mission trip ruined by adversity.  We’ve had flat tires, wrecked vehicles, torrential downpours, illnesses, hospital trips, emergency room trips, car problems, electrical problems,  water problems, airline problems, passport problems, and flight delays. Yet, none of these types of problems have ever ruined a trip. These trials have just given us more things to work through together, more time to be with each other, more opportunities for different people’s individual gifts to rise to the top to solve the problems, and more memories to share.


Several years ago when Kari and I traveled with the church on a trip, we fell in love with the community we experienced and when we came back, we made several changes in the way we lived. We downsized our physical home and upsized our family through fostering. We totally changed the way we view money and how we share it with others.

Going on and leading short-term mission trips has changed our lives forever.

I want to thank Southern Hills Christian Church for allowing me the opportunity to lead others down this path as well. I’d like for you to consider going on one of the upcoming trips to see how God uses this time to reveal what plans He has in store for you.  

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My wife and I have two kids and are currently serving as foster parents. I enjoy spending time outdoors by the water and taking my family camping. I am the Executive Pastor of Operations and Missions at Southern Hills Christian Church. The Super Crew volunteers make my job easier and I couldn't do it without them!

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  1. Jean Daniel says

    One of these mission trips will truly change your life forever! I know from experience!

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