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God Is Anything, But Boring

I remember as a kid an older man telling me, “Only stupid people get bored; smart people can always find something to do.”

And there is always something to do. There’s always work to be done, books to read, places to go, money to make, songs to sing, trees to climb, pictures to paint, and guitars to be played. Our lives should be anything, but boring.

The same is true when we are reading the Bible, the Word of God.

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If you enjoy war movies like Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, or 300 then there’s no way that you can read the Bible and think of it as boring.

One of my favorite Bible stories is the one of Jonathan and his armor bearer in 1 Samuel 14:1-15. In short, the Philistine army had the Israelite nation on lockdown. They stripped all men of their weapons except for King Saul and his son, Jonathan. King Saul seemed to find himself in a state of boredom and was doing nothing. So, Jonathan decided to do something. He came up with a plan to engage the Philistines, told his armor bearer about it, and the two of them went to execute the plan. They climbed a cliff, confronted the enemy, and killed over 20 warriors all while having only Jonathan’s one sword. They outsmarted, outfought, and outlived the enemy. Because of their actions, God set the Philistine army into panic and the Israelite army regained the upper hand in the war.

That story is far from a boring one. Jonathan is awesome, but what about his armor bearer?!? The dude didn’t even have a weapon and he killed all the warriors who tried to flank Jonathan. And we think Jason Bourne is hard core. Come on.

There’s so many more stories of war, conspiracy, life, betrayal, friends to death, murder, love, romance, bears, lions, justice and grace in the Bible. How could it be dull and dry? It’s chalk full of awesomeness! It’s anything, but boring.

I challenge you to read it. Use your imagination to see between the words on the pages.

Because we really should never be bored. God isn’t boring and He surely didn’t create us to be bored.

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. – Jesus, John 10:10

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I am a southern boy that loves to spend my time with my beautiful wife, Kelli, and my two boys, Liam and Levi. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and playing guitar, designing things, Braves baseball, being a husband and dad, but above all I love to worship Jesus… especially with music. I am a Creative Arts Pastor at Southern Hills Christian Church where I focus on graphic design and music.

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