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A Letter for Mother’s Day

You were the first comforter.

You were the first provider.

You were the first protector.

You were the first one to hold me.

You were the first one to cry with me.

You were the first one to LOVE ME!

Mom, you were the first.

How amazing it is, Mom, that you carried my heartbeat? Is not God amazing? Who gets to do that, but mothers.

How special you are to God and how special you are to me. The bond that we have is holy and unique. There is no other human connection that I have that compares to the one that we share. This is God’s design, His perfect plan.

I’m sure even Christ, in his humanity, reached his arms out towards his mother and found comfort in her embrace.

The humanity of Jesus was just like our humanity. He came into the world just as feeble and as untaught as any other child that ever was born. No mother was ever more to her infant than Mary was to Jesus. She taught him all his first lessons. She gave him his first thoughts about God, and from her lips he learned the first murmurs of prayer. – J.R. Miller Personal Friendship of Jesus

At the cross we find Mary and the prophecy of Simeon was fulfilled, “And a sword will pierce your very soul” (Luke 2:35) Jesus was crucified on a cross and Mary was crucified at the foot of it. No matter what may come for us, your love remains until the end. You grieve with me, you experience the pain that I experience, and you endures with me. Mom, not only have you carried your struggle and pain, but you were and are the first to carry mine when I am walking in it.

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There is no one like you, Mom. You and dad pray for me more than any other. I believe with all my being that your consistent prayer for me provides me strength to keep moving forward.

You are the first, Mom. Outside of Christ and the work of the Cross, God gave you the special right to be the first for me and I am grateful. There is no one like you.

I love you, Mom.

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Student Pastor at Southern Hills Christian Church. Hiking, Speaking, and Writing are some of my passions. "His power is made perfect in my weakness" 2 Corinthians 12:9!

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