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This Week For Sunday

A mother’s love is so beautiful. Unreserved, undeniable, full of grace. Growing up, these words described my mom’s love. Yes, there was discipline, and I would get into lots of trouble from time to time, but it always came from a place of love. She gave of herself, her time, her money, her resources.

I believe that a mother’s love points us to God as God is all of these things and so much more. As Christians, we are adopted into a family of believers and His love for us is beyond comprehension. On Mother’s Day, we celebrate this love, the love of Christ that is exemplified through mothers.

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This Sunday, we will be talking about how God loves us, and that no matter what problems we face, because of the Gospel, nothing can change that we are adopted by the King. Throughout this week meditate on these truths: We are found. We are loved. We are His, because He is love. He is hope. He is grace. He is good, and He will never let us down. When the night is holding on, God is holding on. He is our anchor in the waves of this life.

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