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Changing the Perception of the Church

When the unchurched hear the word “church” these words generally come to mind: Hypocritical, Judgmental, Negative, Narrow-minded, and Intolerant. What if we could change that? What if this next generation instead thinks engaging, relevant, fun, and caring?

In 2007 we began a partnership with Sharp Creek Elementary school hoping to make a difference in this community. Over the years, we have shifted our efforts to reach different needs expressed by the administration and then in September of 2013 we began teaching character education. Each month the students are excited to learn the new value and through creative, high energy skits we make learning entertaining. These kids are learning values such as compassion, self-control, hope, and contentment. 

Now that we have been leading the kids through character education for a couple years, there are over 500 families represented that are more trusting of the church. These families know that we are for them and that we want their kids to succeed. When they go through a valley or are in need of help, they know that there is a church right down the road that is ready to help.

We truly are making a difference in this community! Not only are the kids learning to treat others right, make the smart decision, and maximize their potential, but their families are developing a healthy view of the church.

This is one of many avenues in the church that you can be a part of. Not everyone is called to get pied in the face while teaching the kids about cooperation, but you can use what you’ve been given to make a difference. What gifts do you have? When do you have available time? Where can you get plugged in? What is the first step you can take today to make a difference?  If you would like to start serving, contact us at or call the office at (770) 832-1446. 

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Corey is the XP of NextGen at @sohillscc in GA and strives to be an opportunist, learner, and helper. He is focused on church leadership and ministry to the family. His mission is to help you take your next step in personal development. As a result, he writes on organizational growth,  leadership, ministry, volunteers, building teams, and productivity.

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