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Have you met Tyler?

T-Roll PicI came to the University of West Georgia (UWG) as a freshman in the Fall of 2010. I planned to transfer to the University of Georgia, I only had to endure UWG for two years before I could make the move. Well, five years later and I am still living in Carrollton…

Quite frankly, The City of Dreams won me over. I met a lot of people in my dorm hall my freshman year and got involved with different clubs and organizations on campus.

One of the student organizations that I got plugged into was a college ministry called Campus Outreach (CO). I met a staff person with CO on my first day at UWG and as the semester went on, I got more involved.

The ministry did a lot of fun things throughout the year and really focused on being intentional with freshman like myself. For the first time in my life I was having interactions with Christians that were, well, different.

It wasn’t the cheesy and stuffy Christianity that I was exposed to in my youth, something was different about the CO crowd. During my first semester, a staff person with CO helped me investigate Jesus. We went through two Bible Studies together – including a 1-on-1 study through the book of John.

After countless discussions I began to feel the weight of my sin and recognized my helplessness as I tried to search for significance in my life. I realized that there was nothing I could do to save myself from my sin and the wrath of God that was owed to me.

At the end of my first semester I surrendered my life to Christ. The Lord brought me to himself in a unique way, exposing the lies that I believed about God, myself and the world around me. I am very grateful that God brought me to UWG and allowed me to meet those involved with CO. He used that ministry in profound ways in my life and has begun a process of sanctification in my walk with Him.

During my last year of college, I committed to working for CO as a campus staff member. I am thrilled to be on the campus of West Georgia and I am excited to be a part of what God is doing at my alma mater.

I am also excited about Southern Hills partnering with me and CO as we aim to reach the college campus with the Gospel! I look forward to getting to know so many more of you at SoHills and cannot wait to enjoy the eternal rewards with all of you.

The Lord extended His scandalous grace to me while I was a freshman at UWG, I can’t wait to see how He will now use my broken and stained life to bring him Glory on the college campus.

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An old friend once told me to “live life with no regrets.” I desire for everything I do or engage in to bring Glory to the Father. I am just your average yankee from South Florida who somehow wound up in Carrollton (long story). If you ever want to make me smile just buy me a Baja Blast and let’s have a chat.

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  1. Dale Lovelady says

    T-Ro, thanks for reminding me that God can work our brokenness for His glory. It is so easy to say that God can do that for others, and, at the same time, think that he can’t do it for us. Great to have you

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