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When We Obey

One morning at staff retreat this year, I woke up early.  Normally, my alarm goes off and it takes me an hour to wake up. Never does it go off the first time and I’m wide awake. Never. But this morning I woke up wide awake, as if someone woke me up.

Laying there, I heard the Holy Spirit speak within me, “Go outside, my love.”

What? I want to go back to sleep. I’m on retreat and want some rest. I stayed up too late to get up this early. No. Let me go back to sleep.

“Go outside.”


I got up, grabbed my Bible, made some coffee, and went to the back porch. Trees were blocking the east, but I thought that I would still be able to see enough of the sunrise to appreciate it. Sitting there for maybe 3 minutes I heard God again.

“Out front.”

There’s nothing out front. It’s just the driveway and more trees.

“Out front.”

Ok Lord, but there’s nothing out there.

I grabbed my coffee and walked out front. I stepped into the wet grass and walked toward the east side of the house. As I came around the corner, I saw a power line opening.


The sunrise would be directly in line with the clearing. I ran back inside to get my shoes on, grabbed my Bible, and then headed towards the power line.  The Holy Spirit led me to the perfect spot. The power line ran down the hill, across the lake, and back up the other side. A clear path to the horizon. No trees. Sun directly in it’s path.


The sunrise was beautiful and I had the best view. As I was sitting there, the Spirit spoke again.

“Son, see what I show you when you obey? Obey me and I will show you things more beautiful than this sunrise.”

More beautiful than the sunrise? I couldn’t help tear up as I thought I have not been obedient in many areas of my life. Even in my obedience, I don’t deserve to hear Jesus so gently speak to me.

Where is God calling you to go?  What is His Spirit prodding you to do? Where in your life do you need to obey the gentle whisper of God so He can show you something beautiful?

1 John 3:24 says, “Those who obey God’s commandments remain in fellowship with him, and he with them. And we know he lives in us because the Spirit he gave us lives in us.” (NLT)

*This is not the sunrise I saw that morning.  The pictures I have of simply don’t do it justice.

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I am a southern boy that loves to spend my time with my beautiful wife, Kelli, and my two boys, Liam and Levi. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and playing guitar, designing things, Braves baseball, being a husband and dad, but above all I love to worship Jesus… especially with music. I am a Creative Arts Pastor at Southern Hills Christian Church where I focus on graphic design and music.

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  1. Dale Lovelady says

    “Son, see what I show you when you obey.” I love that, but saddened at all I have missed. Thanks, Andrew

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