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Reflections from the Intern

-written by Joey Craft

I can remember when interviewed with Shannon, Corey, and Keith via Skype, a week or two before Christmas. They asked me questions about ministry and if I was a super hero nerd or if I was “normal” and liked sports.  Then they asked me if I had any questions and the last question I had was “When will I know if I got the job?”  Corey looked at Shannon, then to Keith, and then back at me and said, “You’re our guy!” 

May 16th I made the 8 hour trip down to Carrollton, GA. I had never driven more than 3 hours by myself so I was pretty nervous.  But I knew I had to do it.  

Desmond, Corey and Nicole’s dog, was the first to welcome me to Carrollton. My first meal was at the Irish Bred Pub. My first Sunday I think a met 26,705 people, at least it felt that way. My first Wednesday, I had the opportunity to play KWAR with Fusion and I fell in love with the students.

Eventually, Corey gave me the chance to teach in All Stars. I have grown because of it and have improved on my teaching skills. Opportunities to be around the students in Fusion during the summer through Wednesday nights, CIY trips, and going to lunch after church has been nothing short of a blessing. 


The friendships I have made in my time here will be cherished for years to come. The staff is phenomenal, or as Keith would say, “Incredible!” They welcomed me to the team with open arms, open hearts, and open dinner tables. I got to eat with several of them and their families, and that alone was worth the drive. I became fast friends with the Bradley boys and will miss them dearly. I received life lessons from Kevin Jarrett that made me laugh. Corey and Nicole treated me like a son and I will forever have black hair in my stuff because Desmond loves me. 


Southern Hills Christian Church- thank you for being the church, for being authentic and genuine. Thank you for welcoming me in like Jesus would. I have learned more and been equipped with more than I could have ever asked for or expected. I feel confident that I am better prepared for ministry now.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, my Southern Hills family. You guys are the best and I will miss all of you more than you know. July 30th is coming quick… See you soon, and God bless! 


Joey Craft was the the Summer Ministry Intern in 2015. Joey went to Mid Atlantic Christian University in Elizabeth City, NC where he studied to become a youth minister. Originally from Plymouth, NC, Joey loves everything about sports, baseball, Go Yankees! (Braves are his #2 team); and is not a super hero nerd. Hey also enjoys almost anything outdoors; camping, fishing, kayaking, and especially hunting.

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  1. Melissa Bradley says

    Aww! I teared up a little while reading that. The Bradleys will miss you, Joey! You will do phenomenal work for His Kingdom.

  2. says

    This is awesome Joey! When your brothers and I visited you in Carrollton, GA; I was so relieved to see how everyone had accepted you and welcomed you into their lives. Deep down I knew you would be okay but “the Grandma in me!!” I am so thankful to God for leading you in this direction. You are awesome at what you do. Thank you so much to Corey and Nicole and Southern Hills Christian Church for all they have done for you the past 10 weeks. I also got teary eyed watching this. Always remember, I am so proud of you and love you so much but most of all remember that God sent you here to do His work because He knew you could do it!

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