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Surrender to a Holy God

Stop and think for a moment: Am I concerned with what God thinks about my moment to moment living?

In Israel, back in the day of Hosea, the people were unfaithful: lying, stealing, committing adultery and murder.  The country had turned its back on God. They were unrepentant, crying out to God with their voices, but not with their hearts.

When things get difficult for us, we often choose to do what makes us feel good and what is easy, even though it isn’t what God desires.  We never take a breath and ask God, “Would you be pleased with what I am doing right now?”   When we do what makes us feel good, rather than what would be good in the eyes of the Lord, we are selfish and put a barrier between ourselves and Him.  We reject God.

We see in the story of Hosea that God is holy and faithful and still loves the people he created even when they reject Him.

In every thing that you do, God is there, waiting.  He wants you to come to Him so that he can restore you and keep an ongoing relationship with you.  When we do something wrong, we tend to turn away from God in our shame.  Don’t!  Instead, turn towards Him and let him take you into his arms and hold you.


There may be consequences for your sinful actions, but there is also redemption!  God’s mercy and grace allows you to go and sin no more! (John 8:1-11, NLT)  When you turn to Him, you allow His relentless love to shower over you and will be lead to blessings, happiness, and joy.

In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name. (Psalms 33:21, NLT)

Surrender.  Let God work your life out.  It may not be what you planned or expected, but it will ultimately bring Him glory.

God is Holy.  He wants the best for you in every circumstance.  Let Him show you.    

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My husband Chris and I have been on our married journey for 19 years! We have two amazing kids, Chrystal and Cameron. Our family tries to stay focused on Christ through serving at Southern Hills and loving others. I am the Director of Food Ministries and LOVE to bake!! Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. -- Matthew 5:6

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