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This Week For Sunday

I have always loved music. It’s a tool, a vehicle, an art, that helps us express ourselves to each other.  Music is also one lens that reveals what we are worshiping.


For a long time, I’ve been a country music fan. However, over the past several months that has started to change because country music is changing. Country music used to tell stories, and some songs still do. But now, more often than not, country singers are singing about objectifying women, getting drunk, trucks (ok, I like that part), heartbreak, tailgates, breakups, and making love on the tail-gate of a truck with a sexy woman while drinking beer.

When you sing along to what’s on the radio, are you paying attention to the lyrics? Are the words that come from your lips the desire of your heart? Jesus says they are (Matthew 12:34).  So when you sing along and never catch yourself saying “Get down in that Georgia clay and I’ll find peace at the bottom of a real tall cold drink,” consider what that means about what’s happening in your heart.

I’m not saying all country music, or any other genre for that matter, is bad.  There is still really good music out there that isn’t “Christian” music.

Here is what I am saying: We can worship our God with music or we can worship the world with music. Which will it be for you? What words will come from your lips this week? What words will you put to powerful music?

Here are the songs we will sing together this Sunday. I challenge you to sing these songs throughout your week and see if God doesn’t start to renew your mind.


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I am a southern boy that loves to spend my time with my beautiful wife, Kelli, and my two boys, Liam and Levi. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and playing guitar, designing things, Braves baseball, being a husband and dad, but above all I love to worship Jesus… especially with music. I am a Creative Arts Pastor at Southern Hills Christian Church where I focus on graphic design and music.


  1. When I started attending Southern Hills, Shannon made a comment several times that stayed with me. He used the term “garbage in, garbage out.” It stuck. When music comes on that I consider inappropriate, I hear his comment. I have to turn it. The same with TV. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but I know he’s right. Praise God we have pastors that speak truth that God will bring to your attention as needed. Also, we have staff members who sends messages of truth, encouragement, and teaching through the week that keeps us on track and challenged.

    I love my church, and so grateful God placed it in our community.

  2. When we first started attending Southern Hills I had to get used to a lot of ‘untraditional things’ . The appearance of the auditorium, the coffee in the church, the mode of dress and…. The music.. My children said ‘ you will not like this, it is very different’ it was and I didn’t! So… I decided I would worship by reading the words to the songs and eventually of course, I learned to love the loudness and the band! We have been here 9 years now and one son played in the band when he could, and now our grandson! Thanks for teaching him, Andrew! Music is my thing too!

    • Andrew Brooks says

      Reading the songs is a great place to start when one feels uncomfortable with singing. Thanks for sharing that Myra.

      I have loved watching Ryan “Jimmy” grow into the musician that he is. He may not admit it but he has taught me a lot too.

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