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Knowing the Word

This past weekend our family took a quick camping trip to Indian Springs State Park.  For several weeks we had been planning and preparing, making sure we had all the essentials for a couple nights in the outdoors.  I was looking forward to enjoying God’s creation with no technology (except a small transistor radio).

I woke up early Saturday morning when it was beginning to get light and I fixed a cup of instant (ugggh) coffee.  Then I realized… I forgot my Bible! How could I forget the most valuable and important piece to help with my meditation? 

As I sat with my coffee in one hand, my head in the other, I tried to relax.  As I looked up at the trees, John 15:5 came to mind, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (NIV)


My thoughts then shifted to, ‘How many verses do I actually have memorized?’  After about an hour of reciting scripture already in me, I felt rejuvenated.

Then my son walked out of the tent… carrying his Bible!

How often do we push ourselves and try to remember scripture? I know that we teach our children from the time they are small to remember and recite chapter and verse, but why do we stop? Does life become too busy for us to put the effort into such a small task?  Or do we feel that because the Bible is always there we don’t need to memorize the Word?

Let’s stop making excuses! My challenge for you is to really get to know the Word!  First, discover what verses you already know.  Exhaust your memory!  Then the verses you kinda know, commit to memory.  Discover new verses and memorize those!

Try this memorization tool: 

  • Find a verse with no more than 20-25 words.
  • Write it down on a bright colored index card.
  • Read it 3 times aloud looking at it.
  • Read it aloud without looking at it. (Look quickly if you have to.  Repeat until you can read it without looking.)
  • Post it on your bathroom mirror, kitchen pantry, refrigerator door, inside your car, at your desk, on your laptop/computer, anywhere you’ll read it throughout the day.
  • Change the verse once you memorize it.

This exercise will not only help with your brain power, but it will also help with your prayer power!  Try it!

Check-out this article with 10 Biblical reasons to memorize scripture.

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My husband Chris and I have been on our married journey for 19 years! We have two amazing kids, Chrystal and Cameron. Our family tries to stay focused on Christ through serving at Southern Hills and loving others. I am the Director of Food Ministries and LOVE to bake!! Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. -- Matthew 5:6

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