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Why us, God?

I was laying in bed the night before last, reflecting on the day’s events at Southern Hills.  I was thinking of people being prayed for, believers asking for one-on-one discipleship, new members getting plugged into the body, first-time visitors, and 75 or so bikers who showed up to have people pray over them and their bikes.  The more I reflected on the the day, the more I was blown away at how God is moving through His bride here in little Carrollton, GA.


My mind immediately shifted to the question, “Why?”

Why does God care so much about what is going on in this small little corner of the world?  Why is He moving the way only He can move in the life of our church, in our town?

Then I remembered…

I remembered that there was a church in Corinth that only had between 40 and 125 members.  And they were messed up!  They were constantly being dragged back into their old ways.  They were weak.  They were broken.  They were misguided.  They were hopelessly confused!

But they were His church… His body… His bride.  They were His!  He cared deeply about that little church 2000 years ago.  He gave His life for that broken, misguided, floundering church.

And He did for Southern Hills Christian Church as well!

As you reflect on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, cling tightly to the promises of Romans 1-11.  I pray that you will understand the magnitude and the majesty of being declared righteous by a Holy Groom!  Truly nothing can separate us from His love.  We are His bride… His body… His church!

This week, study and reflect on Romans 12.  I pray that you will understand the honor and the privilege of being declared His bride.  As this reality sinks in, ask yourself these questions…

  • Does my life truly reflect the image of my bridegroom, Jesus Christ?
  • Do I look like a “Romans 12” kind of bride?
  • What are other “loves” in my life that are hindering me from fully experiencing His best?

Again, find peace and comfort in knowing you are His, but also let that peace and comfort drive you closer to your groom!

Keep chasing Him!


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