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Spring Break Activities for Under $10

It’s spring break here in Carrollton, Georgia!  Which means there are no Wednesday night programs this week.  But we wouldn’t leave you hanging!  Here are 10 ideas for under $10 for you and your friends and family to do together.


Visit the Hobbs Farm Loop on the Greenbelt.  Take advantage of the great grassy area in the center of the Hobbs Farm loop. Play Frisbee.  Start a kickball game.  Bring a picnic.  Go bug hunting.  There are also poles for hanging hammocks.  Bring a good book and hang around awhile.  Go for a walk or bike ride around the loop.

Play tag at the Castle Playground. It’s just like regular tag, but with fun stuff to jump off of.  Children not required to play.  Located off the Greenbelt at 410 North Lake Dr. in Carrollton.

Feed the birds. There are often geese and ducks around Lake Carroll, especially at the Carrollton Visitor Center.  Take a few slices of bread and enjoy the view of the water.

Stop by AGW for Ice-cream.  Located at 201 Newnan Rd. in Carrollton.  Tell them Southern Hills Christian Church sent you. (You won’t get anything special; we’re just trying to build a relationship with them.)

Create your own photo booth.  Who needs a professional?  Find props at your house and create your own photo booth.  Share your new family portrait on the SoHills Facebook page.

Visit our local service men and women.  Make some tasty treats for our police officers or firemen.  Drop them off with a homemade thank you card.

Recycle your easter eggs.  Write encouraging notes to one another, tuck them into easter eggs, and hide them around the house.  Fill your empty easter eggs with small treats, deliver them to your neighbors and invite them to church with you this Sunday. 

Paint rocks.  Write your favorite scripture.  Draw a picture of what you are thankful for.  Write what you like about each other and swap.  Create silly rock monsters.


Act out a Bible Story. Find and create costumes.  Assign roles and act out the Bible story together.  Parables and well-known Old Testament events are great for skits.  Want to make it into a game?  Write down Bible stories on slips of paper, mix them up in a bowl, and use the stories to play charades.

Pray together. Go for a walk and stop at a scenic view to pray.  Ask each other what you can pray for and take those requests to God.

BONUS IDEA – Go camping.  The Little Tallapoosa Park is just down the street from SoHills and a great place to take the family camping.  Visiting the park is free to Carroll County residents, but there is a small fee for camping.  But backyard or living room camping is free!

Have an idea?  Share it in the comments!

For more ideas, check-out the HomeFront Magazine.

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